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During the early Tang Dynasty, a poor family had a little girl named Nana in a small village . When she was only 3 years old , Little Nana began to cut wood with her grandma every day . Day after day, Little Nana found a strange phenomenon. When the small animals were injured, they would search for a kind of green grass and put them on the wound. The wounds would be automatically blended.
At that time, The Tang Dynasty border has been at war. After the fighters came back, as medical treatment was very backward at that time, they suffered many injuries and injuries. At this time, Little Nana thought of the whole process of self-healing animals on the mountain. She went up the mountain to search for the plant all night and then she took it down and put it on the soldiers. This saved many lives.
Later, according to historical records, the name of the grass was called "DouCo." To remember this little girl, people changed the name of village to: Natwve&Co
Our company respects this kind, lovely and intelligent spirit of Nana and registers our glasses brand as: Natwve&Co

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Brand Custom

In the development of the new paroducutions line

Nearly 80 people are responsible for production, quality control, and QC quality inspection on this production line.
As a high-end brand sold globally, there are absolutely no flaws in the products.
This brand only produces high-end METAL and ACETATE,and it is never allowed to print Natuwe&Co on cheap, poor quality glasses.

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In the development of the new paroducutions line

High Ended Metal Optical Frames


High-Ended Acetate Optical Frames

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