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Established in Wenzhou in 2010,it dedicates to high quality eyewear designing , developing and manufacturing.
Our company is headquartered in Wenzhou – WENZHOU MIKE OPTICAL, Now has Jiangsu Danyang branch – DANGYANG MIKE OPTICAL, Production base is in Jiangsu Danyang - Danyang Intime Optical Co., LTD., and Hangzhou branch.
Currently MIKE OPTICAL have roughly 200 employees, including more than 20 professional eyewear designers, MIKE OPTICAL has strong R&D capability and manufacturing capacity, together with a strict quality control system in line with ISO standards.

Chairman-Mike Wu

Continue to create value for customers.

Development History

2011 , Wenzhou Mike Optical Co.,Ltd. was established The day the factory was set up and established, the business department was born on the same day as it was established. Later, we gradually improved our team and system, and gradually matured.

2012 , Danyang Mike Optical Co.,Ltd. was established The main goal of the Danyang branch is the production of lenses. At the same time, the production department and the crucial quality supervision department are established. As the time is ripe, we will turn prescription lenses into daily needs in the future.

2013 First participation in the international exhibition-Milan Exhibition; Every year we will regularly participate in 8 domestic and international exhibitions, from Beijing, Wenzhou, Shanghai to Hong Kong, Milan and France.

2014,First entry in Alibaba International Station Settled in for the first time, mainly based on optical frames, to feel the fresh resources from all over the world, so as to be down-to-earth industry TOP 1.

2017,Established Alibaba's second store focused on sunglasses; The establishment of the new platform not only expanded the team of the business department, but also increased the pressure of the production department again. The expansion of the new assembly line laid the company's strength and financial resources only to meet customer needs.

2018 Formally established e-commerce department to enter the cross-border e-commerce industry; The establishment of the e-commerce department has greatly expanded the industry's overall vision, the establishment of multiple platforms, the establishment of multiple self-built brands, and internationalization of brands have always been our goals.

2019 Successfully settled in China's first e-commerce platform - TMALL ; For the first time to enter the domestic market of the country, I also want to be a mature company dedicated to the production and sales of glasses and globalize my brand.

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